Greener Grass products are derived from naturally occurring, non-toxic substances to build healthy soils that result in a lush, vibrant lawn.
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Green returns, in more ways than one.

Your image and your customers define your business. With our organic lawn care services, you can add value to both. Improving your landscape with organic lawn care will show a commitment to the well being of your customers and the environment. This will help differentiate your business and attract new customers.

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Beauty and peace of mind.


The lawn and landscape around your home adds beauty and value to your property. With Greener Grass organic lawn care services, you can enjoy a lush green lawn without all of  the worries associated with typical chemical lawn care. Let us feed your soil and reduce problems the natural way.


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Landscape Pros

Enhance your earning potential with organic lawn care.

Partnering with Greener Grass demonstrates your commitment to client requests and their wellbeing.







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Greener Grass is an organic lawn care company that serves homeowners and businesses in Northeast Ohio. Unlike other companies that claim to offer organic products, our plant-based program is all-natural, offering a safe and effective alternative to dangerous pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.


Greener Grass clients enjoy peace of mind associated with these unique advantages:


Innovative, plant-based products – Our product line adds life to plants from the ground up, feeding the soil with beneficial microbes and nutrients that stimulate the biological activity in the soil, adding enhanced nutrient breakdown.


A holistic approach – Each bio-enhanced treatment builds on the effects of the last, continually increasing nutrient availability. This approach strengthens the lawn’s natural defense system to fight off problems before they occur.


Ongoing education – You can trust us to give you honest, straightforward information so that you can make smart, healthy choices for your lawn’s care.



After using several lawn care companies in the past several years with little to no positive results we made the switch to Greener Grass and couldnt be happier. In just one season our lawn has already shown dramatic improvement with regards to less weeds, less bare spots, and of course….greener grass! Icing on the cake […]

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I love Greener Grass Organic Lawn Care! I’ve had many comments about my grass! My neighbor said “Your grass looks like carpet”! Not only is Scott super friendly and helpful but my grass looks amazing. Great customer service. Thanks Greener Grass

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The yard is looking great this year and although I’m biased…..I think it’s the greenest and the nicest one in our whole allotment!!Thanks to you and your team!

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Thanks for the work! The lawn has never looked so good and getting a ton of compliments also. -Keep’em coming

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Our lawn with treatment from Greener Grass is lush, green and weed free – the best one in our whole allotment. Highly recommend!

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