Landscape Professionals

Landscape Professionals

  • Do your clients want high quality organic lawn care?
  • Not sure what products deliver the results?
  • Too busy to provide the service yourself?

Partnering with Greener Grass demonstrates your commitment to client requests and their well-being.

How will our program benefit your clients?

  • Great results: Achieve a healthy, great-looking lawn with our six-step program that uses cutting edge, proprietary products.
  • Honest ingredients: We don’t use synthetic fertilizers, biosolids, animal waste or chemical pesticides.
  • Peace of mind:  Clients can rest easy knowing that only organic fertilizers and natural control products are being used on their property.
  • Professional approach: Uniformed professionals conduct treatments from clean, detailed vehicles.


How can Greener Grass benefit your business?

  • Increased revenues: 5% referral incentive program for all closed sales.
  • Potential referrals for your business: We are looking for the best landscape and maintenance companies to refer for services that aren’t part of our core offering.
  • No headaches, no hassle: Give your clients the services they want without the need to get licensed, invest in equipment and learn the trade.
  • Stand apart: Offering a trusted organic lawn care option allows you to stand out amongst your competitors.
  • Solidify your relationship:  Organic lawn care hinges on proper maintenance practices. Proving that you have the desire and knowledge to help your clients succeed with these needs will deepen the respect they have for services that you provide.