What‘s in Greener Grass fertilizers?

Our fertilizers are 100% natural, made up of beneficial microbes, seaweed, kelp, proteins, humic acids, molasses and micronutrient minerals. These products absolutely do NOT contain any synthetic fertilizers, bio-solids or animal waste products.

Do you offer both organic and traditional chemical programs?

No, we only offer organic lawn care services. This includes the use of totally organic fertilizers and natural control products. We are strongly committed to helping you enjoy a healthy, lush lawn with plant-based products and holistic practices. We find that companies that offer both organic and traditional programs are generally less knowledgeable in organic lawn care and less genuine in their efforts to improve your lawn and the environment around your property.

Do you apply pre-emergent controls for weeds and crabgrass?

We use a newly developed liquid corn gluten product, which has the same pre-emergent qualities as high volume granular products. This gives us the ability to spot-spray only the potential problem areas. Over time, our program can regulate the Calcium levels in the soil and help minimize crabgrass problems.

A thick, healthy lawn will crowd out most weeds including crabgrass. A blanket application of any pre-emergent, either natural or synthetic, is not necessary and can raise the cost of a program. Synthetic pre-emergent products work by creating a chemical barrier across the entire lawn, which stays in place for months. This means exposure is possible long after the product has been applied.

What is a pesticide?

The State of Ohio defines a pesticide as any substance or mixture of substances intended for either of the following:

Preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest or

Use as a plant regulator, defoliant, or desiccant. This includes a pest monitoring system designated by rule.

Examples of pesticides include insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and other control products.

Does Greener Grass use pesticides?

Yes, we do, and it’s very likely that every lawn company does. However, we do not use chemically derived synthetic pesticides to treat common lawn problems. Our “pesticide” products are naturally derived biological controls…that are considered low-risk – so much so that some are cleared for organic farming certification. But, in order to comply with State Law, we are required to flag the use of any product that has been defined by the government as a “pesticide,” which is why you might see a pesticide application flag on our customers’ lawns.

Here are some points to consider as you think about the use of pesticides:

  • Biopesticides are derived from natural substances such as plants, animals, bacteria and minerals. These products are generally considered to be far less toxic than synthetic chemical pesticides.
  • Some products that are labeled as non-toxic are still regulated by the EPA as pesticides.
  • The active ingredient in our broad leaf weed control is non-toxic.
  • The term pesticide does not mean that it’s harmful; listed biopesticides inlcude corn gluten meal, canola oil, baking soda, yeast and black pepper oil.

When control products are needed, we will always be committed to using only the safest, most natural options available. Yet, it’s important to note that our main goal is to maintain a strong lawn that requires no pesticides. Thick, healthy turf will crowd out weeds and be more resistant to damage by pest. This can be achieved by combining our program with proper cultural practices. Together, we can create a lush lawn that requires fewer pesticide applications of any kind.

So, how do you control weeds?

As noted above, thick healthy turf is the best defense against weeds. In addition to our program and proper cultural practices, we primarily aim to control weed populations with three things.

  1. Grass seed: The best weed control available. Over seeding an entire lawn and bare areas will create competition and keep the weeds out.
  2. Liquid corn gluten: A by-product of the corn milling process turned into a liquid form for ease of application. It’s all natural, non-toxic, and has certain pre-emergent qualities that keep weeds from growing.
  3. A biological herbicide: The active ingredient is derived from iron molecules and is non-toxic.


Why does this program take a little longer to start working?

Synthetic, man-made fertilizers are designed to make nutrients immediately available to the plant in high doses, resulting in instant response through new top growth and color. These results last as long as the fertilizer does, usually a few weeks, while these products and growth patterns ultimately weaken the lawn and sterilize the soil.

Our program is designed to slowly feed the plants and soil with naturally derived nutrients. Some of these nutrients need to be broken down by microbes in the soil before the grass can use them, which may take a little longer. Eventually this will be a constant, sustainable process in the soil, which will continually provide nutrients for your lawn, as it needs them.