Summer Lawn Care Guide


Summer time means warmth, sunshine and front porch-sitting. Summer time means catching lightening bugs and rolling down hills. Summer time means trips through the sprinkler and…lawn maintenance? For most of us, while the fun has begun, there is also work to be done, mainly in maintaining a beautiful lawn.

During the summer, our lawn care focus shifts from preparing our lawns to keeping them looking great through the heat and the lack of rain. After all, there will be plenty of little feet running, barbeques grilling and parties held on those lawns, and you want yours to look great.

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Here are some tips for keeping your lawn looking its best during those dog days of summer.

Understand Your Grass Types

We tend to be merciless when it comes to our summer lawns. We want green, lush grasses that continue to grow long into the warm summer season. However, this is Ohio and only a handful of grasses grow well in this weather. Knowing what kind of grass you have and how to care for it makes all the difference.

Kentucky Bluegrass is the most common type of grass in Central and Northeast Ohio, mostly seen in athletic fields or expansive backyards. This type of grass is a slow grower and can take longer to establish and reseed your lawn. This type of grass does not do well in heavy shade, and will quickly turn brown in the hot summer sun if not watered regularly and well.

Perennial Ryegrass is another common type of grass in Ohio, including varieties like Achiever, Spellbound, Top Gun, Stardance and Pizzazz. It establishes faster than Kentucky Bluegrass, so this is a good grass seed if you’re starting from scratch. It is also an attractive choice as it sprouts a vibrant bright green in

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early summer and then gradually deepens. This type of grass is more drought-resistant than Kentucky Bluegrass, but it is easily and quickly killed off by cold, harsh winters.

Be Smart in Watering

During the height of summer,

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even the heartiest grasses may struggle. Rains become near forgotten lore and those lush lawns begin to look a little tired. Watering can improve the look of your lawn and increase its resilience to pestilence and weed growth. Your lawn needs at least one inch of water a week, more if the heat becomes severe, so consider tracking your rainfall and supplementing when needed. When you do supplement watering, water deeply and regularly; but not necessarily every day. Watering too frequently leads to shallow roots and less drought tolerant grass. Hearty grasses produce healthier, more resistant lawns.

Know How to Mow

Proper mowing techniques can help promote grass growth and allow your lawn to flourish. Consider raising your mower deck to cut less of the grass with each mowing; taller grass is more drought-tolerant, grows deeper roots, and helps shade the earth to prevent weed seeds from germinating.

Mowing regularly also prevent taking too much of the grass at a time. This keeps the grass healthier. Also remember to keep your mower blades sharp so you’re cutting the grass, not tearing it, which produces more stress during the hot summer season.

Combat Pests and Weeds

Summer Lawn Care

Pests come in many different forms in your lawn. Pests can be weeds, insects, or diseases, all of which are treated with different products like insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Although the best pesticides, found naturally in healthy soil, are microorganisms and natural nutrients, there are products that will combat those pests without harming your lawn or the health of your family. Organic pesticides, rather than chemical, are the best and safest option. Chemicals on your lawn in the heat of the summer can damage more than just the pests.

Contact Greener Grass For More Information on Summer Lawn Care

No matter what your summer plans may include, Greener Grass Organic Lawn Care can assist you in developing a lawn regimen that will strengthen your lawn through over seeding, organic product regimens and regular product application. Contact Greener Grass today for more information on maintaining a lush, green lawn well into the hot summer months.