Greener Grass Program

The Greener Grass Program


Prevent. Nurture. Protect.

Greener Grass takes a proactive approach to lawn care. Our organic methods are designed to address the cause of problems before they occur, minimizing the need to react to symptoms. Our basic program, when combined with the proper cultural practices, attacks the cause of most common lawn issues from the ground up by introducing natural sources of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms into the soil.

For more information on how our approach compares to traditional chemical methods, see the How does it work? page.


Slow and steady wins the race.

Our program works with Mother Nature, not against her. That’s why it’s essential to note that there is a transition period when moving from a chemical program to our organic approach. The length of this period will vary, depending on the intensity of current and past practices and the overall quality of the turf. While there should not be a decline in turf during this period, it may take some time for the program to take full effect, allowing the lawn to flourish to its full genetic potential.


Go green. Save green.

A common misperception about organic lawn care is that it’s expensive. This can be true among certain applications. Comparatively, Greener Grass offers clients a value with innovative products and methods that are less expensive to produce and apply, yet just as effective. We are the only company in the region to offer these types of products to our customers! Plus, the initial costs offer long-term rewards that pay off over time.