About The Program

About The Program


Introducing The Greener Grass Program

We’ve developed our basic program with one main goal in mind: creating a healthy soil system. Chemical applications that promise an instant fix can sterilize the life in soil. This weakens the plant’s ability to fight environmental stresses, insects, and disease. Instead, our liquid-based, organic program works in sync with nature to restore the health of your soil and revitalize your turf over time.

We offer three main program packages to serve the specific needs of your lawn.


» The Basic Program

In six essential steps, Greener Grass will not only feed your turf, but also convert your soil into an environment rich with organic matter and biological activity. This program includes an organic preemergent application in the spring and spot treating for weeds with all natural products during the season.
Greener Grass Season Application

» The Plus Package

Core aeration helps relieve soil compaction, which allows your lawn to breath and better absorb water and nutrients into its root system. With this package, this service will be infused into the core program, performed in the late summer or fall.


» The Complete Package

Grass seed is our most effective herbicide. Over seeding with new, more resistant turf varieties will thicken your lawn to crowd out weeds and improve its strength and vigor. Fall is the best time to over seed. This service will be performed with your aeration to ensure seed-to-soil contact.