Product Line

Product Line


Greener Grass is the only company in the region to partner with a national leader in high-performance, sustainable lawn systems.

These products are at the core of our Greener Grass Program. They feed the plants from the ground up, adding life to the soil with beneficial microbes and nutrients that stimulate biological activity through enhanced nutrient breakdown. This allows your grass to reach its full genetic potential over time without pushing it beyond healthy growth levels.

Simply put, healthy soils create healthy plants.

Five unique advantages to our products and practices:



By stimulating and adding to the existing soil biology, we allow your turf to use existing nutrients that have been previously locked up. This improves soil structure, minimizes nutrient leaching, increases photosynthesis, and helps to regulate pH levels.


Natural Sources of Nutrients

We feed your lawn with natural sources of nutrients. We promise to NEVER use human or animal waste as a source of fertilizer. Our products do not include synthetic sources of nutrients or any blood, bone or feather meals. We provide the nutrients that your lawn needs using only those derived from natural, sustainable sources.


Bio Stimulants

In order to prevent environmental stresses on turf, we use humates, kelpKelp is a type of cold-water seaweed that grows in the nutrient rich waters of the North Atlantic. and other bio-stimulants to promote stronger cellular structure and deeper, healthier roots. These also increase organic matter, aid in water and nutrient absorption, stimulate chlorophyll production and free up minerals in the soil.


Chemical-free Control Products

There are many safe and effective ways to control pests (such as pesky grubs) without using harmful chemicals. Natural and biological control products offer much safer methods for managing lawn pests. Practicing proper maintenance will reduce the need for control products. We only use these products, when necessary, in targeted applications. Please see our glossary and FAQ pages for more information on pesticides.


Education and Information

The more you know about your lawn, the more successful our lawn program will be. Results are directly dependent on proper mowing, watering and other cultural practices, so it’s essential that you or your landscape professional stay informed of organic best practices.

For more details on this proven approach, see our How does it work? page.