Community Involvement

Community Involvement

We dedicate ourselves to supporting our Canton community, striving to make a positive impact beyond our lawn care and pest control services.

Giving Back To Our Neighbors

At Greener Grass, our roots run deep not just in the soil of the lawns we nurture, but also in the heart of our community. Since our inception in 2011, we’ve been more than just a lawn care and pest control service; we’re a part of the Canton community, committed to making a positive impact in the lives of those around us. Our dedication to organic, eco-friendly practices extends beyond our services—it’s a philosophy that guides our efforts to give back to the community that has supported us.

Our journey in community involvement is driven by a simple belief: a healthy, green lawn is a joy, but a strong, supportive community is the foundation of a vibrant life. At Greener Grass, we’re committed to enriching our community, one yard, and one act of kindness at a time. From supporting local causes to engaging in community events, our team is dedicated to contributing positively and sustainably to the Canton area.

Supporting Local Causes and Organizations

St. Baldrick’s – Fighting Childhood Cancer

Our involvement with St. Baldrick’s is close to our hearts. The Foltz family, dear friends of ours, experienced the unimaginable loss of their daughter to cancer. They channeled their grief into action, starting the local chapter of St. Baldrick’s nearly 25 years ago, which has grown into one of the most successful in the country. Each year, we proudly sponsor their event, standing alongside many in our community to support this vital cause. Attending the event is not just a sponsorship obligation for us; it’s a gathering we genuinely enjoy, a testament to the resilience and solidarity of our community in the face of adversity.

Josette Memorial Foundation – Aiding Breast Cancer Battles

The Josette Memorial Foundation holds a special place in our hearts at Greener Grass. Founded in memory of Josette, who lost her battle with cancer over a decade ago, the foundation has been a beacon of hope and support for those fighting breast cancer. We are honored to be a part of their annual Wind Chime Ball, an event that not only commemorates Josette’s life but also raises significant funds to aid local families battling breast cancer. Our involvement goes beyond mere sponsorship; we contribute auction items and participate wholeheartedly in the event, helping to push the foundation’s total contributions to over $1 million. This event is a poignant reminder of the strength and resilience of our community and the power of coming together for a common cause.

In Your Shoes/Sophie Bowl – Supporting CHD Awareness

Our connection to the In Your Shoes charity and the Sophie Bowl is deeply personal. The Capo family, who lost their daughter Sophia to congenital heart disease (CHD), started this initiative to raise awareness and support families affected by CHD. This cause resonates with us profoundly, as my own sons, Jake and Ty, were born with CHD. They have bravely undergone heart surgeries, and our family’s journey has been challenging yet hopeful. We are proud to be the main sponsor of the Sophie Bowl, a flag football tournament that raises funds for CHD. Our commitment to this cause is unwavering, and we plan to continue our support for years to come, honoring Sophia’s memory and aiding those facing similar battles.

Wishes Can Happen – Granting Wishes for Sick Children

Wishes Can Happen has a unique mission: to grant wishes to children in our community with life-threatening illnesses. Greener Grass is privileged to be part of their annual Wish-a-thon, an event that brings joy and respite to these brave young souls and their families. Our involvement in this event is more than just a donation; it’s about being part of a moment that can create lasting memories for families facing unimaginable challenges. We’ve seen firsthand the impact of this organization through friends whose children have received wishes, and we’re committed to helping create these special experiences for more families in our community.

Simply GIVE – Empowering Women and Cancer Fighters

Simply GIVE, a local non-profit started by our friend Alivia, is another cause close to our hearts at Greener Grass. This organization’s mission to support women in need and those fighting cancer aligns perfectly with our values. We actively participate in their key events, including Women of Strength and Mardi Bra, providing sponsorships and support. These events are not just about donations; they’re about empowering women, spreading kindness, and strengthening our community’s resolve to support each other. Our involvement with Simply GIVE is a testament to our commitment to making a difference locally, one act of kindness at a time.

Ongoing Community Support Initiatives

At Greener Grass, our commitment to the community extends beyond one-time events and sponsorships. We believe in continuous, meaningful support that makes a real difference in the lives of those who serve and protect us every day. Our ongoing initiatives are designed to show appreciation and give back to our community in practical and impactful ways

Community Discount Program

We are proud to offer a 5% Community Discount to those who dedicate their lives to serving others. This discount is our way of saying thank you to the Military/Veterans, First Responders, Health Care Workers, and Teachers in our community. These individuals work tirelessly to ensure our safety, health, and education, and it’s our privilege to support them in return. This discount applies to all of our services, as a small token of our appreciation for their immense contributions.

Monthly Appreciation for Local First Responders

Our Operations Manager, Matt Yoder, takes our commitment to first responders to heart. He spends a significant amount of time on the road, not just overseeing our services but also making special deliveries to local first responder stations. Whether it’s donuts, bagels, or a lunch spread, these gestures of appreciation are our way of acknowledging the hard work and dedication of our first responders. We aim to make these visits a regular monthly occurrence, strengthening the bond between Greener Grass and those who keep our community safe.

Referral Program with a Charitable Twist

Our referral program is designed with a dual purpose: to grow our community of satisfied customers and to contribute to charitable causes. When our clients refer someone to Greener Grass, and they sign up for our services, the referring client receives a $25 bonus. This bonus can be redeemed for a gift card to a local merchant, or alternatively, it can be donated to a local charity. Options for donation include the local Humane Society in Stark or Summit County, Stark Parks, Summit County Metro Parks, or Akron Children’s Hospital. If a client chooses to donate their reward, we double the impact by matching the amount with a $50 donation. This program reflects our commitment to kid-friendly, pet-approved, and earth-preferred services, and it’s a natural extension of our values.

Active Involvement in Youth Sports and Local Needs

At Greener Grass, we believe in nurturing not only lawns but also the dreams and aspirations of our youth. Our involvement in local sports and community needs reflects our commitment to fostering a healthy, active, and supportive environment for the younger generation.

Youth Sports Sponsorships and Volunteering

Our passion for youth sports is deeply personal. As a parent, I’ve seen firsthand the invaluable lessons sports impart – teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. This is why we at Greener Grass take an active role in sponsoring various youth sports teams and leagues. Our involvement ranges from local teams in Plain Local to high school teams at GlenOak, and beyond. We don’t just sponsor; I personally volunteer on boards to help run leagues, ensuring these programs continue to thrive and benefit our children. These sponsorships and volunteer efforts are our way of investing in the future of our community, one game at a time.

Individual Support Through GoFundMe

In our commitment to community support, we recognize that sometimes, help needs to be more direct and personal. That’s why we turn to GoFundMe to assist local families facing hard times, accidents, or unexpected losses. Through this platform, we can provide immediate and impactful aid to those in our community who need it most. Each contribution is a testament to our belief in the power of community support and the difference it can make in individual lives.

Unique Contribution and Heartfelt Story

A Special Donation to Woodworkers with Heart

One of our most unique and heartfelt contributions was the donation of a forklift to Woodworkers with Heart, a nonprofit organization dedicated to crafting wooden toy cars for children in local hospitals. This donation stemmed from a chance encounter on Facebook Marketplace, leading to a connection with Gerry, who runs the nonprofit. The forklift has since become an essential tool in their operations, helping them organize materials and continue their noble work. This donation not only supports their admirable cause but also resonates with our personal experiences, as my children have been recipients of such kindness during hospital stays. It’s a full-circle moment that embodies the spirit of giving back.

Our Ongoing Journey in Community Service

Our journey in community service is an ongoing one, driven by a deep-seated belief in the power of giving back. At Greener Grass, we understand that our role in the community goes beyond providing eco-friendly lawn care and pest control services. It’s about building a legacy of kindness, support, and involvement that enriches our community. We invite you, our community members, to join us in this journey. If you have suggestions, needs, or requests for support, we are more than willing to listen and help where we can. Together, we can continue to make our community a greener, kinder, and more supportive place for all.