Fertilization & Weed Control Program
in Canton, Massillon, & Wadsworth, OH

Fertilization & Weed Control Program

Meticulously crafted to nurture your lawn with organic solutions, ensuring robust growth and pristine weed-free beauty all year round.

Meticulously crafted to nurture your lawn with organic solutions, ensuring robust growth and pristine weed-free beauty all year round.

High-Quality Organic Fertilization and Weed Control for the Canton Area

Tailored Lawn Care for a Healthier, Greener Outdoor Space

Discover the ultimate lawn care experience with Greener Grass’s Fertilization & Weed Control Program, now available in Canton, Massillon, Wadsworth, and surrounding areas. Our program is meticulously designed to enhance the health and beauty of your lawn using 100% organic fertilizers and soil conditioners. We tackle weeds and pests with environmentally responsible methods, ensuring your outdoor spaces are not only stunning but also safe for your family and pets. With options ranging from Basic to Complete, our program offers up to 8 applications, including crabgrass pre-emergent, season-long broadleaf weed control, and nutsedge control, among other services. Embrace a lush, vibrant lawn with our expert care, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our commitment to organic, sustainable practices.

Fertilization and Weed ControlBasicPlus Complete
Organic Fertilizers
Crabgrass Pre-Emergent
Season-Long Broadleaf Weed Control
FREE Grub Control
Service CallsFreeFreeFree
Soil pH Test
Organic Soil Conditioners
Nutsedge Control
Winterizer Treatment
Fall Core Aeration
Post-Visit Messages from Your Technician
Fall Overseeding
Starter Fertilizer
Prepay Discount5%5%5%
Community Service Discount5%5%5%
Referal Bonus$25$25$25
Lawn Sign$5$5$5

Frequently Asked Questions

You are free to enjoy the lawn once the application is dry to the touch. Dry time will varying slightly based on the weather and temperature at the time of the treatment.
All of our fertilizers, soil conditioners and insect controls are 100% organic. We even use organic weed control! Some weeds require a little more work. In these cases we offer you the option to have us spot treat those weeds with a more traditional type of weed control.
Normal treatments move into the soil naturally and do not need to be watered in. If you receive a special treatment, like grub control, we recommend watering that in if there is no measureable rainfall within a few days of the service.

Rainfall is good for your lawn and the fertilizer application. The weed control is usually rain-fast within an hour or two. If rain pops up before the weed control does dry, it could be less effective. In this case, we are happy to revisit your property in 10-14 days to check on the progress. If there are weeds persistent in the lawn, we will retreat them, free of charge.

We recommend that you wait until the following day before mowing the lawn. This allows ample time for the weed control to be taken in through the leaves of the weed. Mowing before the application is also okay.

Yes, we do! If you have weeds that pop up between treatments we are happy to come back out and retreat them, free of charge. If you have questions or concerns along the way we are happy to have a manager stop by to take a look. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Lawn care is an ongoing process. There are different varieties of weeds that grow at different points in the year. So a few applications here or there likely won’t get you the results you are looking for. The best defense against weeds is a thick, healthy lawn. So fertilization is actually a vital part of a proper weed control program. We have found over the years that our clients are the happiest with the results when they receive all of the treatments throughout the season.

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