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Lawn Care

Advanced lawn care services for Ohio homeowners.

Advanced lawn care services for Ohio homeowners.

Nurturing Ohio’s Finest Lawns with Organic Expertise

Your lawn’s health is our top priority.

Our comprehensive suite of services is meticulously designed to cater to every aspect of your lawn’s health. We start with lawn fertilization, enriching your grass with natural nutrients, followed by gentle yet effective weed control to keep unwanted plants at bay. Our pre-emergent treatments are strategically applied to prevent weed growth from the outset, while aeration techniques are used to alleviate soil compaction, ensuring your lawn’s foundation is robust. To enhance the fullness of your turf, overseeding is employed to address any sparse areas, creating a thick, vibrant lawn. This holistic approach is not just about aesthetics; it’s about crafting a durable, safe environment for your family and pets, with each service tailored to the specific demands of Ohio’s varied landscapes. Reach out to us to see how our organic lawn care solutions can make your yard the highlight of your community.

Vibrant and pet-friendly lawn in Canton, OH, maintained by Greener Grass's expert organic lawn care services. This image highlights the company's commitment to creating a safe and healthy outdoor space for families with pets in the Canton community.

Lawn Fertilization

Our organic fertilization service is all about giving your lawn what it needs to thrive. We understand that Ohio’s lawns have their own set of conditions, so we’ve developed a special blend of organic fertilizers to meet those needs. It’s not just about making your grass grow; it’s about creating a healthy, sustainable environment for your lawn from the soil up. We’re focused on the long-term health of your turf, ensuring that the roots are as robust as the blades you see. With our approach, your lawn gets more than just nutrients; it gets a foundation for lasting vitality and resilience.

A lush, healthy lawn meticulously cared for by the dedicated team at Greener Grass in Wadsworth, OH. Our expert team's organic lawn care services contribute to the vibrancy and well-being of lawns in the Wadsworth community.

Weed Control

We understand that weeds can be frustrating, but there’s no need for harsh chemicals to win the battle. Our method uses organic weed control techniques that are tough on weeds but gentle on your lawn and the environment. This way, you can enjoy a weed-free yard without worrying about the negative impact of chemical treatments. Our approach is straightforward and effective, keeping your lawn looking its best while also being mindful of the earth. With our services, you can take pride in a well-kept lawn and feel good about the choices you’re making for your outdoor space and the community.

Let us help you achieve a vibrant outdoor space that’s as healthy and safe as it is beautiful. Reach out today for a lawn that’s the pride of your neighborhood.

Close-up photo of thriving crabgrass in a lawn in Wadsworth, OH, underscoring the need for Greener Grass's specialized weed control services to maintain a pristine and weed-free lawn in the Wadsworth community.

Pre-Emergent & Crabgrass

The best way to manage weeds is to prevent them from taking root in the first place. That’s why our pre-emergent and crabgrass services are focused on early intervention. By applying organic pre-emergent treatments to your lawn, we target weeds at their most vulnerable stage, before they have a chance to sprout and spread. This not only keeps your lawn looking neat without the need for constant weeding but also saves you the hassle and time you’d otherwise spend battling these unwelcome guests. Our proactive approach ensures that your lawn stays healthy and weed-free, giving you a pristine outdoor space to enjoy throughout the year.

Serene home in Canton, OH, adorned with a healthy and vibrant lawn courtesy of Greener Grass's expert organic lawn care services. Our commitment to excellence enhances the curb appeal and beauty of homes in the Canton community.


Aeration is a straightforward process that’s all about creating small holes in your lawn to let air, water, and nutrients get down into the soil. This helps the roots grow deeply, producing a stronger, more vigorous lawn. Think of it as loosening up the earth so your grass can breathe and drink more easily. It’s particularly important in Ohio, where our lawns go through a lot with the changing seasons. After the ground thaws from a harsh winter, aeration can be the boost your lawn needs to bounce back and get ready for the growing season. It’s one of the best things you can do for your lawn’s health.

Greener Grass expert performing meticulous overseeding in Canton, OH, exemplifying the company's commitment to enhancing and fortifying local lawns through the introduction of robust new grass varieties, promoting durability and beauty in the Canton community.


Overseeding is a key step in our lawn care strategy, especially after we’ve aerated your yard. This process involves spreading new grass seeds over existing turf to create a denser, more robust lawn. By choosing resilient grass varieties suited to Ohio’s climate, we ensure these new seeds will take root effectively, filling in any sparse areas and contributing to a thicker, healthier lawn. It’s a straightforward yet impactful service that goes a long way in transforming your outdoor space into a lush, green area you’ll be proud of. If a full, vibrant lawn is what you’re aiming for, overseeding might just be the game-changer you need.

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Lawn Maintenance FAQs

We recommend mowing your lawn 3.5-4″ tall. The taller the turf is, the deeper the roots will grow. This helps with enhanced nutrient and moisture intake. Taller turf also shades the soil. This helps retain more moisture and crowd out weed seed germination. Mowing too short can cause many problems for your lawn, such as a weak root system, drought stress, and encouraging invasive weeds.

Yes! It actually matters even more when trimming. The edges around landscape beds and hard surfaces will heat up quicker than the middle of your lawn. Weed love hot, dry soil conditions while your lawn does not. Scalping the edges with a trimmer will cause even bigger problems around the edges. Please maintain a full 3.5-4″ height all the way to edge of the very edge of the lawn.

It’s the exact opposite if you properly follow the 1/3 rule. You never want to cut off more than 1/3 of the blade of grass. If you maintain your lawn at 4″ you can mow every time it grows 1.25″. If you maintain your lawn at 2.5″ then you’d have to mow every time the grass grows 0.75″.

They do not! This is a common misconception. With your mowing flat on a hard surface, measure from the bottom of the blade to ground. This is your actual cutting height.

If you are unsure with the actual cutting height, the best bet is to simply use the highest setting available on a residential mower.

Absolutely. Dull blades will tear the grass, instead of cutting it. This create a brown appearance in your lawn as the tips of the grass are shredded open. This creates easy entry points for lawn diseases and makes your lawn more susceptible to insect damage as well. Not to mention, there will be excessive moisture loss which will increase drought stress. Sharp blades make a clean cut and help to vastly reduce all of the above issues.

It is best to sharpen your blades after every 15-20 hours of use to maintain a sharp edge. You can generally sharpen a blade about eight to ten times before it should be replaced.

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