Pest Control
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Pest Control

Guarding your Ohio home against pests with safe and organic methods.

Guarding your Ohio home against pests with safe and organic methods.

Guarding Ohio Homes with Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions

Your family’s safety is our mission

Our pest control services are designed to effectively manage pests while minimizing their impact on the environment. We kick things off with perimeter pest control, creating a barrier that keeps pests from entering your home. Our mosquito control services target these biting pests where they live and breed, making your outdoor spaces more enjoyable. Flea and tick control is next, protecting your family and pets from these irritating and potentially harmful insects. Lastly, our grub and insect control service tackles the pests that can damage your lawn from below. This comprehensive approach ensures your home and lawn are protected, using methods that are safe for both people and pets. If you’re tired of uninvited guests taking over your home or yard, give us a call.

Fleet of Greener Grass pest control trucks lined up in Massillon, OH, ready to provide swift and reliable pest control services to homes in the Massillon area, ensuring a pest-free environment for the local community.

Perimeter Pest Control

Our perimeter pest control service is all about prevention, setting up a strong defense around your home to deter a broad range of insects. We meticulously treat the exterior of your house, forming a shield that’s invisible but highly effective. It’s a straightforward, no-fuss way to keep ants, spiders, and other common pests from ever making it inside. Think of it as a security system for bugs – they simply can’t get past it. With this service, you gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is protected around the clock, letting you and your family live comfortably without the worry of unwanted insect visitors.

Close-up of Mosquito on Skin - Pest Control in Canton, Ohio

Mosquito Control

Seize back your summer evenings from pesky mosquitoes. Our expert mosquito control service zeroes in on the problem, attacking these pests at their source. We’re not just reducing their numbers—we’re reclaiming your yard for those serene Ohio evenings. Imagine stepping outside to a place where the air is clear of pests and the only thing you’ll notice is the gentle night breeze. With our support, your outdoor living space becomes a peaceful retreat, perfect for making the most of every moment, from sunset chats to stargazing. Say goodbye to the annoyance of mosquitoes and hello to uninterrupted summer bliss.

Whether it’s creating a pest-free barrier around your home, keeping mosquitoes at bay, or ensuring your yard is free of fleas, ticks, and grubs, we’ve got you covered.

Close-up photo of a flea and tick on a lush lawn in Canton, OH, highlighting Greener Grass's effective pest control services for a safe and comfortable outdoor experience in the local community.

Flea & Tick Control

Fleas and ticks can turn your yard into a risky place for family and furry friends alike. That’s why our approach to controlling these pests is comprehensive and meticulous. We target the spots in your yard where fleas and ticks are known to thrive, applying treatments that cut down their numbers and disrupt their life cycle. This proactive strategy significantly reduces the chances of infestation and the spread of diseases they may carry. With our services, you can enjoy your outdoor spaces with confidence, knowing they’ve been safeguarded against these unwelcome critters.

A dying grub in a Green, OH lawn, showcasing the success of Greener Grass's targeted grub control services, ensuring the health and resilience of local lawns in the Green community.

Grub & Insect Control

Grubs and other lawn insects are often out of sight, quietly undermining the health of your grass from below. Our dedicated grub and insect control treatments are specifically formulated to deal with these stealthy invaders. We focus on eradicating these pests before they have a chance to cause harm, safeguarding the integrity of your lawn’s root system, and ensuring its overall well-being. By intervening early with our specialized service, your lawn remains vibrant and robust, a testament to the unseen but essential work of maintaining a healthy, thriving outdoor environment.

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