What is Snow Mold?

Snow mold is a type of fungus that takes a hold on lawns during the winter. It appears as patches of light brown grass after the last remaining bits of snow melt. Some may mistake it for the grass dying out, but only looks that way after a long winter. With proper care, it will recover strong. But the real win comes from being able to prevent or minimize its occurrence in the future.

Snow Mold Recovery

To help your lawn recover, use a rake to lift and separate the grass blades, allowing air to penetrate and encourage soil activity by letting air and moisture flow in. At this time, your grass is in a vulnerable state so avoid striking the blades with the rake too firmly as it could kill the grass. Another option is to use a leaf blower on a low setting to fluff up the grass, but make sure to not to damage the lawn. Snow mold generally only affects grass blades, not the root system, so those brown patches should turn green after the blades have had time to regrow.

Snow Mold Prevention

Snow mold can be prevented, or at the very least – minimized. Since the fungus loves to grow in areas where long grass blades have folded over one another, it’s best practice keep your grass short in the fall heading towards winter. A simple method to prepare your lawn for winter is to gradually cut the grass shorter each week (usually by .25″-.5″ inches depending on the weather) until it’s at a height of 2″. While mowing, mulch your leaves to provide your lawn with additional nitrogen (fertilizer) and you’ll be “killing 2 birds with 1 stone” by cleaning up the leaves and preventing snow mold from setting up shop in your lawn.

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