Your front lawn strongly influences the first impression guests have of your property. You can transform your property with these ideas that involve creative tips on boosting your lawn’s aesthetic appeal with help from Greener Grass.

Create Borders with Flowers

Borders around your lawn create a definitive sense of space. You may choose options like fencing or stone for these borders.

However, flowers act as a more visually appealing border option. They create a tranquil, attractive look that makes guests feel welcome.

Plant Shrubs around Your Walkways

You can guide guests through the front lawn to your front door with a beautiful walkway. Landscaping professionals often recommend lining walkways with evergreen shrubs. These plants stay lush and inviting throughout the entire year.

These bushes also provide borders to make your walkway stand out.

Put in a Patio with Fire Pit

Are you interested in outdoor entertaining? Patios for front yards can be ideal hosting spaces. The most common material type for most patios is pavers, but stamped concrete is increasing in popularity.

Add a Striking Feature

Catch your visitors’ attention by installing water features such as fountains or fire pits alongside your landscaping. These landscape projects bring more life to front lawns. They may also serve as fun outdoor activities.

Make a Statement with Your Entrance

You can easily make your home’s entrance a focal point of your landscaping. Draw attention to the entrance naturally by planting bright and colorful plants around the door. Depending on your available space, you may want to plant twin flower beds on either side of the door.

Keep Your Lawn Well-Maintained

Beautifying your front lawn does not end after the initial landscape work. You can maintain a great-looking lawn with regular maintenance throughout the year, and if yard care isn’t your specialty, the professional team at Greener Grass can step in to keep your property in excellent condition.

Our lawn care experts will professionally fertilize your grass, control weeds, aerate and overseed using 100% organic and all-natural products allowing your lawn to stay at its peak throughout the growing season. Fill out our quote request form today to get started.

Choose Greener Grass

Step into a safer, greener outdoor space with our expert organic care. Request a quote today to start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a lush, chemical-free lawn that’s perfect for your family and pets.

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